Building a Compelling Federal Grant Submission

Successful campaigns to receive federal R&D funding typically include 3 stages

1. Step 1: Strategic Assessment 
Once a company has a technological roadmap in mind, the company begins searching for relevant funding opportunities from within the 25 different federal agencies. The goal of this stage is to find multiple relevant grant opportunities that match the company’s vision. At the end of this step the company prioritizes the different grants and begins a multi-submission approach. This means the company will systematically apply to each opportunity.

2. Step 2: 1st Round of Submissions 
The company begins the process of building the first application. This starts with building a R&D budget that takes into consideration payroll, subcontractors, materials & instruments, facilities, and administration. Next, the researchers write a pre-proposal or full (depending on the type of grant) with key milestones and highlighting past achievements of the company and staff. Also at this stage, the team needs to complete the technical registration to government portals, which is a necessary step prior to submitting proposals.
Once the first draft is complete the submission will likely undergo a number of key edits. For grants that request a pre-proposal, the full proposal is usually begun 30 days after submitting the pre-.

3. Step 3: 2nd Round of Submissions and Key Edits 
Usually by the beginning of the 3rd stage the researchers should receive feedback we receive from the federal agencies and maybe even receive their first grant award. The feedback can be used to create smoother and highly appealing submissions. The goal of this stage is to apply to the remaining opportunities identified in the Strategic Assessment as well as any new opportunities discovered since beginning. In this stage submissions are quicker and more refined and from typically have a higher chance of success.


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