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DoD SBIR Grants for Electronics R&D

The DoD invests up to $1 BILLION annually in funding and takes 0% equity for each investment. There are over a hundred funding opportunities.

Proposal details:

Phase I $150,000

Phase II $1,000,000

Due Date: July 1, 2019

Mission: The DOD SBIR/STTR Program’s mission is to elicit innovative solutions from the small business community that address defense technology gaps confronting the DOD and to include technologies that will also have high commercialization potential in the private sector.

Topics for Electronics Technology

  1. Backside Inspection Frontside Electrical Stimulation System

  2. Near Atomic Spatial Resolution Electrical Characterization

  3. Advanced Signal Detection and Characterization Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (IL)/Machine Learning (ML)

  4. Radiation Hardened Machine Vision Computer Solution

  5. Flight Vehicle Surface Sensor Network

  6. Miniaturized Inflight-capable Laser Detection and Ranging (LADAR) System

  7. Lightweight Fins for Enhanced Maneuverability of a High-Speed Interceptor

  8. Automatic Track Generation Micro Preprocessor for Dismounted Electronic Warfare

  9. Holographic Optical Element for Free Space Optical Communication System on Mobile Platforms

  10. Multi-Sensor Sonobuoy

  11. Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flight Without Supervisory Control

  12. Manned-Unmanned Directional Mesh Enhanced Tactical Airborne Networks

  13. Secure Communications Link Between Robotics and Autonomous Systems

  14. Fiber Optic Pressure Sensing for Military Aircraft (MIL-Aero) Environments

  15. Network Retention During Jamming Mission

  16. Mobile Phased Array Antenna for Robotic Autonomous Systems (RAS) Using Optical Broadband Communications

  17. Blind Mating Connection for 19-inch Electronic Industries Alliance Racks in AEGIS Computing Infrastructure

  18. Small-Scale Velocity Turbulence Sensors for Undersea Platforms

  19. Light Weight Wide Field of View Aviation Goggle

To see the full list of topics:

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