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About Eagle Point Funding

The Best Team in the Neighborhood

Our professional team is an eclectic group of technologists who happen to be extra-ordinary story tellers. Our gift is our ability to be strategic in how we approach federal funding, and also to be creative in how we craft the unfolding story of your company and technology. Our team excels at making your technology stand out amongst a competitive crowd. Think of us as tech poets with loud speakers.

Eagle Point Funding belongs to a group of companies which includes FreeMind Consultants, Argentum, and Sunrise Projects. Each of us within our family of companies is committed to spreading the gospel on non-dilutive funding since 1999. Together we serve thousands of companies in North America, the EU, Australia and Israel. Our collective efforts have led to almost $2 billion in awards for our clients, many of them of whom were awarded multiple awards.


Meet Our Team


  • Ron Ben Tsvi


  • Ariel Shatz

    Executive Vice President

  • Eran Har-Paz

    Manager of Consulting Services

  • Josh Bar-On

    VP Business Development

  • Adi Rotman

    COO & HR

Team Leaders

Natalie Shaposhnik

Team Leader

Nir Dashti

Team Leader

Alon Meidan

Team Leader

Grant Consultants

Ravit Weizman Tamir

Team Leader

Danah Cahn

Grant Consultant

Neil Meyerowitz

Grant Consultant

Adena Lesnick

Grant Consultant

Natalie Haffner

Grant Consultant

Zoe Levornik PhD

Grant Consultant

Zev Orzy

Grant Consultant

Chaya Zabihi

Grant Consultant

Shlomi Eisenman

Grant Consultant

Shirley Rahav-Tietz

Grant Consultant

Eden Amare Yitbarek

Grant Consultant

Gil Semons

Grant Consultant

Aaron Tait

Grant Consultant

Hila Landau Barak

Grant Consultant

Katherine Bleiberg

Grant Consultant

Gal Aviram

Grant Consultant

Marketing & Business Development

Max Frischman

Director of Business Development

Liora Chartouni

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Katie Moran

Marketing Manager

Yoav Sadan

Director of Business Development

Sasha Blecher

Director of Outreach

Ari Farahan

Director of Business Development

Daniella Jakubowitz

Director of Marketing

Meir Cloud

Director of Business Development

Asher Radenski

Marketing Coordinator

Operations & Finance

Amanda Gefen

Operations and Finance

What to Expect

Our Highly Effective Process

Working with thousands of companies has shaped our professional process, maximizing funding for our clients, and minimizing their time and energy spent. Our process includes:

Focused Analysis

Our professional team of analysts and project managers assesses your research and development plans and budget requests with strategic insight in order to begin pursuing the right first opportunity for you. Once a course of action is approved, we implement it through a focused effort in conjunction with your specific needs.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Eagle Point Funding first begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each of your projects and project plans. This enables us to begin identifying the appropriate government sources that are in alignment. The goal is to find opportunities for funding which empower your company to continue your current execution roadmap. Given our extensive experience with nearly all government funding sources, we find the optimal match between the most promising funding opportunities and your financial needs.

Rigorous Implementation & Multi-Submission Strategy

Achieving success highly depends on joint effort, with clients working side-by-side with Eagle Point Funding’s knowledgeable team of grant writers. Eagle Point Funding helps its clients navigate through government funding sources and becomes an integral part of your organization’s team by managing the entire grant writing process. Together, we decide on a course of action through a focused effort that achieves maximum success for our clients. Our goal is to never apply to just one opportunity or to win only one award. Our goal is to be strategic about the process, apply to the maximum number of relevant opportunities, and to have success which repeats itself year after year.

Negotiation and Follow Up

After submitting the application, we take responsibility for following up on the selection process, providing guidance through the negotiation phase. Finally, we analyze the given results and plan ahead to proceed with the granting procedure. Our aim is to constantly expand the funding opportunities available for all of your R&D activities.

A kickoff within 72 hours from signing

60-80 hours on your side for the first submission, 100+ hours on our side

10 hours or less for every additional submission (expect many!)

Large scale funding within 6-18 months.

US Office

Eagle Point Funding LLC
423 Brookline Ave. #124
Boston, MA 02215

International Offices

25 Keren Kayemeth St.
Jerusalem, 95702


WeWork ToHa

114 Yigal Alon St.

Tel Aviv-Yafo,

6744320, Israel


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