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*Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) - an agreement between two or more parties outlined in a formal document which signals the willingness of the parties to move forward with a contract.*

The MoU Club is designed to help companies get a signed MoU from a stakeholder from the United States Air Force and win Phase II funding.
The MoU Club is run in collaboration between Eagle Point Funding and Deep-Tech Showcase. Deep-Tech Showcase helps deep-tech startups reach market with focused guidance and through facilitating introductions between startups and stakeholders from the Government, VCs, and corporations. 

It starts with AFWERX Phase 1 Funding

  • The U.S. Air Force seeks innovation from small businesses through the funding mechanism called AFWERX, run by AF Ventures.​​

  • The purpose is to stimulate innovation within the USAF by working with the private sector to solve AF Challenges (dual-use technology).

  • AFWERX funds small business through an Open-Topic SBIR.

  • The Air Force awards a company $75,000 for the company to engage in Customer Discovery of potential AF end-users.

  • The company must find an AF Stakeholder who will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to win follow-on funding.

  • With a signed MoU, the company applies for Phase II funding of $1.25M development.

  • 90 days following the Phase II award, the company is eligible to apply for commercialization assistance of up to $30M from the government.

  • At the end of development, the company wins a Phase III contract with the AF Client.

Winning a MoU

The MoU Club helps companies win a MoU

over an 12-week program:

1-on-1 Guidance with our AFWERX MoU experts

Identify potential MoU partners

Develop an outreach program

Create materials tailored to AF personnel

Join your calls with AF Stakeholders and help direct the conversation

Pitch at Showcase events with Air Force Stakeholders on the panel 

Network: weekly meeting with other AFWERX P1 winners

  1. MoU Playbook

  2. Weekly Tip on identifying AF stakeholders

  3. Knowledge share within the community

  4. Learn best practices!

  5. Learn what not to do!

  6. Get prepared for the life after Phase 2

Raising Match Funding for AFWERX Winners

Phase 2 Match Funding 

Raise matching funds from investors and increase the AFWERX P2 Award Size (when match funding encouraged in AFWERX solicitation)


Raise match funding for commercialization from private/public funding for Strategic Funding (STRATFI) or Tactical Funding Programs (TACFI) from US Air Force. 



Up to $60M Total Funding

50:50, Non-Dilutive:Dilutive



Up to $3.6M Total Funding

50:50, Non-Dilutive:Dilutive

Fund-Raising Regardless of Phase

Non-Dilutive Funding
Air Force Funding
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