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Eagle Point Funding is the premier consulting firm specializing in non-dilutive funding sources for energy, defense, cyber security, and materials research. We assist companies, academic institutions, and non-profit research entities to identify and win federal R&D grants and contracts (DoD, DoE, NSF, DoA, NASA and more).


About Us

Eagle Point Funding connects our clients to the best suited funding opportunities for their research and smoothly navigates them through a complex submission process. With insider knowledge of the grant process and a talented team of analysts and grant-writers we increase the chance and size of your company’s funding success.

We help companies from the various fields of Technology like Cyber Security, Aerospace, Defense, Drones, Energy, Big Data, and ICT.


What sets us apart is our Multi-Submission Strategy as well as nearly two-decades of experience.

Our Process


Eagle Point Funding first begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each of your projects and project plans, and assigns them to the appropriate government sources for maximum funding. Given our extensive experience with all government funding sources, we find the optimal match between the most promising funding opportunities and your financial needs.


Our professional team of analysts and project managers assesses your research and development plans and budget requests with strategic insight, and finds solutions for specific needs. Once a course of action is approved, we implement it through a focused effort in conjunction with our clients’ specific needs.


Achieving success highly depends on joint effort, with clients working side-by-side with Eagle Point Funding’s knowledgeable team of grant writers. Eagle Point Funding helps its clients navigate through all government funding sources and becomes an integral part of your organization’s team by managing the entire grant writing process. We decide on a course of action through a focused effort that achieves maximum success for our clients.


After submitting the application, we take responsibility for following up on the selection process, providing guidance through the negotiation phase. Finally, we analyze the given results and plan ahead to proceed with the granting procedure. Our aim is to constantly expand the funding opportunities available for all of your R&D activities.

Meet The Team


Eagle Point Funding's leadership is dedicated to ensuring all clients receive the highest quality service

Team Leaders 

Grant consultants

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Selected Funding Opportunities



Small Business Research and Development grants can be budgeted $150,000 for SBIR/STTR Phase I awards and up to $2 million for SBIR/STTR Phase II awards.

Large Scale Funding (BAAs)

Multidisciplinary grants and contracts available for all stages of development, from proof-of-concept through commercialization, with budgets of up to $16 million per project.

Federal Agencies

Explore your federal opportunities 


Articles and Webinars

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