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DARPA Funding Opportunity: LogX (BAA)

The U.S. Federal Government is by far America's biggest investor in R&D projects in both the private and public sectors. And it's not even close. DARPA alone invests $3.4B+ ANNUALLY without taking back any equity or making a claim to the IP.

DARPA is soliciting innovative proposals in logistics and supply chain automated reasoning and information fusion, real-time demand forecasting, and system resilience assessment. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems.

Project Details: Award: Approx. $55,000,000 in multiple awards and phases over 42 months Due Date: July 30, 2019


  • The goal of the LogX program is to develop and demonstrate software for real-time logistics and supply chain system situational awareness (diagnosis), future state prediction (prognosis) and resilience10 at unprecedented scale and speed.

  • LogX will build a capability to work alongside existing logistics information systems that exploits the recent migration of logistics information to digital formats and cloud-based deployment.

LogX will address the core challenges of:

  • Obtaining, sharing, and understanding information across the Joint Logistics Enterprise regarding the current and future state (diagnosis and prognosis) of both logistics and supply chain systems

  • Automated and scalable understanding of the complex business processes, information flows, data sources, uncertainties, and system models to identify relevant system state variables

  • Automated and rapid estimation of current and future states (diagnosis and prognosis) based on the collection of logistics and supply chain data, which may be incomplete, incorrect and/or inconsistent.

The logistics enterprise can be viewed as a three-layered “network of networks” system: the physical supply chain and logistics distribution networks, the information networks that connect understanding of demand to supply and distribution, and financial networks that resource the activity. LogX will consider the impact of information dynamics and networks on the state of the physical logistics and supply chain enterprise, to include both military and commercial elements. The impact of financial instruments on information dynamics (e.g., contracts and commodity futures) will be considered as inputs in program-specified scenarios.


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