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DoD SBIR Grants for Sensors R&D

The DoD invests up to $1 BILLION annually in funding and takes 0% equity for each investment. There are over a hundred funding opportunities.

Proposal details:

Phase I $150,000

Phase II $1,000,000

Due Date: July 1, 2019

Mission: The DOD SBIR/STTR Program’s mission is to elicit innovative solutions from the small business community that address defense technology gaps confronting the DOD and to include technologies that will also have high commercialization potential in the private sector.

Topics for Sensor Technology

  1. Optical Based Proximity Sensor for Fuzing

  2. High Sensitivity Miniaturized Gun-hardened Aeroballistic and Geolocation Sensor Technology

  3. Cognitive Fully Autonomous Sensor Technology (CFAST)

  4. Novel Sensor Solutions for Qualification of Additively Manufactured Launch and Space Vehicle Components

  5. Multi-Platform 3-D Radiation Mapping with Enhanced Sensor Data Fusion and Visualization

  6. Flight Vehicle Surface Sensor Network

  7. Enabling Technologies for an Exo-atmospheric Neutral Particle Beam Sensor Weapon

  8. Multi-Sensor Sonobuoy

  9. Field Serviceable Non-Acoustic Data Logging Sensor Module for Towed Arrays

  10. Undersea Sensor Network Performance Modeling and Cost Tool

  11. Secure Communications Link Between Robotics & Autonomous Systems

To see the full list of topics:

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