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NSF Grants for Advanced Manufacturing

The National Science Foundation is one of the most diverse investors in revolutionary technology for small businesses and invests up to $1.5 million in seed funding per project taking 0% equity. This year the NSF is looking to invest in R&D for Advanced Manufacturing in the private and public sector.

Projects details:

Phase I $225,000 (Proof of Concept - 6 months to a year)

Phase II $750,000 (Prototype- 1 to 2 Years)

Phase I Due Date: June 13, 2019

Advanced Manufacturing:

The Advanced Manufacturing topic aims to support emerging innovations in manufacturing with the potential to stimulate the nation’s manufacturing sector by improving its efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability. Proposed technology should be environmentally friendly, compatible with human health, and driven by technological advancements aiming to create positive and enduring social impact. Examples include, but are not limited to, innovative technologies for the processing of a variety of single-component and multi-component materials, biological and bio-inspired materials, flexible electronics, ceramics, polymers, metals, alloys, and novel composites using a variety of advanced manufacturing processes.


  • Additive Manufacturing Components and Systems

  • Bio-Inspired Manufacturing

  • Cybermanufacturing

  • Human-Centric Industrial Technologies

  • Manufacturing Technologies

  • Modeling and Simulation

  • Personalized Manufacturing / Maker Manufacturing / Maker to Manufacturer

  • Sustainable Manufacturing Technology

  • Transportation Technologies

  • Other Manufacturing Technologies

And many, many more topics.

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