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NSF Grants for Semiconductors

The National Science Foundation is one of the most diverse investors in revolutionary technology for small businesses and invests up to $1.5 million in seed funding per project taking 0% equity. This year the NSF is looking to invest in R&D for Semiconductors in the private and public sector.

Projects details:

Phase I $225,000 (Proof of Concept - 6 months to a year)

Phase II $750,000 (Prototype- 1 to 2 Years)

Phase I Due Date: June 13, 2019


The Semiconductors topic addresses the research and development of new designs, materials, devices, and manufacturing systems that have the potential for impactful change in the semiconductor industry.


  • Electronic Devices

  • Electronic Materials

  • Integrated Circuit Design

  • Micro-electronics Packaging, Thermal Management, and Systems Integration

  • Processing and Metrology Technology

  • Other Semiconductor Technologies

And many, many more topics.


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